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My goal

My goal is to give people the opportunity to live with less stress, more happiness, and more cash flow. I have a proven system that will help anyone dominate the market they’re in currently, or if they want to start a new adventure in sales. We have the solutions to solve some of the biggest problems in the country like debt, lack of cash flow, and limited credit score knowledge.

My story

My skill of coaching started at a young age when I coached high school basketball at 19 years old. During my 20 years as a coach, I experienced both championship seasons and losing seasons. My whole plan was to be a teacher and then become a college coach. Once it came time to graduate college, I realized I didn’t want to teach. I just wanted to coach. 

I ended up working in our family business while I coached high school basketball. My positions included an order entry position, purchasing, a sales manager and ultimately– co-owning the business. At age 30, I bought into two companies and wouldn’t you know it, our country decided to go into a recession. I’d imagine if you were around, you can remember how tough those times were. This was a lesson that was very costly but, in a sense, helped a lot. Have you ever heard the statement you need to make the hard money before you can make the easy money? Well, it’s true. What I learned was you appreciate every order, you don’t spend money on foolish things and you focus every single day on what you need to accomplish.

As I was getting more life experience, I realized something just wasn’t right. I didn’t have that drive or passion for the company like I once did. The business was thriving, and I was making about $300k a year. Things were good financially, but not great on what I really wanted to do. Around that time, I heard about an insurance opportunity. It had me really intrigued. One thing I knew: there were no guarantees, but the opportunity was there. As I dabbled in this for about a month or so, I started getting that feeling like this is it — I’m good at this! I didn’t have any experience in door-to-door sales, and I certainly never worked in some of the toughest neighborhoods in the country. I live in a small country town of about 1,000 people that all have the same background I do. We have one church, no stop lights, no Starbucks. I took a huge leap of faith and sold the two companies that we had built back up from the recession. I became a seven-figure earner at 37.  I decided to start an insurance agency from scratch, and at the time I knew nothing about it.

Originally, I was going to start the company on my own, however, I still had coaching in my blood.  I enjoy working with groups of people. Early on we only had a few people in our agency. We would meet monthly in our office (my basement). We had a table for six and we didn’t need all the seats. We learned very quickly how good this industry could be, but it was going to take work. We started out in one state, then grew to two, and by year four we had agents nationwide. Originally, we thought if we could do $25,000 a month in sales that would be great. Not long after, we had agents make more than that in a day! We’ve now built a great medicare and life insurance agency with agents all across the country. We’ve picked up products that help people get out of debt in nine years or less, including their mortgage. This concept, along with the other great products we have, provides our agents and clients with a one-stop-shop!

I have a passion for helping people and providing a great opportunity for them. My mission is to help you stress less, create more happiness, and more cash flow. When you partner with me, I will get you laser focused on your skill set and help you to become the best version of yourself!

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