Give people the opportunity to Live with less stress, more happiness, and more cash flow.

United Senior Professionals — CEO

I started USP over three years ago. It was formerly known as 419 Financial Group. USP is an independent insurance agency that is now doing business in over 15 states. We mostly focus on Medicare, final expense, and mortgage protection. Our team provides training and an online academy to assure everyone has the training they need to succeed. Agents also have the opportunity to make sales from home through our telesales program. We provide daily coaching calls and pride ourselves in bringing as much value as we possible can to our agents.

Your Family Bank — Partner

In 2020, I became a partner with Your Family Bank in St. Augustine, Florida. Your Family Bank provides a vehicle for a client to get out of debt in nine years or less, including your mortgage. And this is without spending any additional money. I personally went through this program and went from being 28 years in debt down to 5.5. They provide top notch training and are some of the best people you’ll ever meet.

Max Your Income Academy — Co-Owner

My partner, Cherly Hinnant, and I have a passion to help people get more sales by not just using proven sales methods but also providing you with credit score knowledge that very few are out there sharing. We want people to close more deals. It doesn’t matter what profession you’re in. We show people how to have explosive growth and dominate the market they’re in and close more deals. In our academy, you don’t just get the concepts, we’ll also show you the vehicles you can use to solve problems for your customers like debt, how to live with zero interest, and increase cash flow. We do this virtually and provide accountability, which is the key to retain information. We also have lots of events in Florida.

Utilize our concepts, our products, and our training

Give people the opportunity to Live with less stress, more happiness, and more cash flow.

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