Sales Coaching

Give people the opportunity to Live with less stress, more happiness, and more cash flow.

Sales Coaching

When people join our team and utilize our concepts, our products, and our training we’ve seen many agents double their sales totals. One student in particular made $100,000 in one week because of what she learned from our training and our products. In fact, most of our students can be shown tactics that they can use to make an extra 50-200K per year, even if they’re part time.

  • Learn how to get laser focused on your skill set
  • Experience next level growth
  • Eliminate distractions and negativity
  • Figure out your optimal working hours for peak performance
  • Become the best version of yourself
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How we lead others to success

The people I coach have success because of four crucial components: great learning materials, accountability, access to great products, tips on how to educate their clients to gain trust. I use the best training platform in the country — Lightspeed VT. I also hold people accountable, by watching who is training and who isn’t. We also role play and have proper repetition. There are weekly calls for EVERYONE in our program so they get ongoing knowledge. There is also access to one-on-one coaching if you need it. My students have an edge because I help them beyond improving their sales skills; together we transform mindsets!

How am I different from other sales coaches?

I’ve been through extreme adversity while trying to lead people. Tragedy has struck multiple times and I, along with my partners, had to figure things out to help all of our employees and their families. And I had to do so in my 30s. So, I’m battle-tested when it comes to helping others through adverse situations. I also don’t just give people sales concepts like so many others do. I help you change your mindset and become the best version of yourself! 

My successes

Lots of sales coaches out there don’t have the resume to back up their bravado. I do. Just a few of my personal successes: 

  • High school coach for 20 years
  • Several various coaching honors
  • Bought into two companies at age 30 and closed one of the biggest deals in company history. 
  • Sold those two companies and became a 7 figure earner at 37. 
  • Started an insurance agency from scratch. 
  • Expanded agency to include a Spanish telesales team, medicare division, final expense division.
  • Achieved $400,000 of production per month. 
  • Grew from one state to nationwide within four years. 

I remember wondering when I started my agency if it could do $25,000 in one month. After growing my agency and coaching my agents, I saw someone do more than that in ONE DAY. I take pride in bringing value and opportunity to people. I want to help you grow, provide you the support you need, and get you to the level of production you want to get to.

1 On 1 Coaching For Only $599 A Month!

Give people the opportunity to Live with less stress, more happiness, and more cash flow.

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